Building Post-Apocalyptic Wearables

Building Post-Apocalyptic Wearables


Niklas Roy and Kati Hyyppä held a workshop around the theme of “Next Utopia” in Namur, Belgium, which they interpreted to mean transforming the participants into cyborgs with the help of a series of wearable projects they created at the event.

Some of the projects included a wearable barbot that uses hand pumps — the kind used for blood pressure cuffs — to dispense the liquid. There was also a wearable mechanical noise machine, a wearable graffiti-spraying crane, an instant rainbow machine, and a wearable periscope. One thing cool about the workshop is that the organizers elected to not use electronics or computers at all — all projects were built from plastic dollar-store trash as well as hardware store parts, .

The workshop was organized as part of the digital art and technology conference KIKK, which takes place at Namur, Belgium from Nov. 7-9. [photo credit: Niklas Roy]


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