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Wiper glove

Wiper glove


Instructables user mikeasaurus has trouble keeping his motorbike visor clear riding on the rainy Canadian west coast, so he attached a bit of a car wiper blade to one of his gloves. One “phew” action, and he has a clean visor! Should also be good for snowboarders. Here’s the instructable for a wiper glove.

10 thoughts on “Wiper glove

  1. Steven says:

    you can buy snow gloves with wipers on them, I have a pair of gloves for snowboarding at home with this wiper feature. quite handy in the right conditions.

  2. armcurl says:

    …or he could have just bought a pair that already had a wiper attached. They’ve been commonplace on motorcycle gauntlets for years now.

  3. Dave Isembard York says:

    @Steven & armcurl
    Wait, what’s this site called — “Make”, or “Buy”? Who cares if “he could have just bought a pair” if he *doesn’t need to* because he can *make* them :P
    Go play elsewhere, with your shiny, bought toys…

  4. Scott M says:


    You’re right, and so are Steven and armcurl.

    I think they were reacting to the wording of the blog post, which made it seem that this was a new idea.

    But when you read the instructable, its clear that mikeasaurus knew he could buy this. He just had a new pair of gloves and didn’t want to buy another pair.

    I would have preferred that Make had worded the post differently. The fun thing about projects in Make are:
    1. Making something useful that no one has made before
    2. Making something useful that already exists, but your way is easier/cheaper.

    Make should play up these points in the posts.

  5. Wiper glove Becky Stern says:

    Thanks the the suggestions, Scott, I’ll keep them in mind. Because I don’t snowboard or ride a motorcycle, I hadn’t seen this idea before, so it was new to me.

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