10,000 Euros Offered To Design An Open Source Plastic Recycling Machine

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When we first discovered Precious Plastics, we thought the idea was noble. Precious plastics is a collection of  systems for recycling plastic locally. Each system is simple and single purpose to keep the design easy to recreate. All of the designs are open source and shared freely on his website. Others found the project to be worthwhile as well, as Dave, the creator was awarded with 10,000 euros for his work.

He has decided to roll this money back into the project. Being a practical and intelligent guy, he realizes that his skills and knowledge are lacking. The best way he can push his cause forward is to offer a bounty. The 10,000 will go to pay an engineer to design a system, which will then be released as open source to the world.

I can’t wait to see what future designs come from this project, and if I ever bump into Dave I’ll have to buy the guy lunch just for being so great.

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