American Inventor – Live blog, full recap!

American Inventor – Live blog, full recap!

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Ok, here it is our live coverage of American Inventor – if you saw the show, loved it or hated it – post up the MAKE forums here – Read for a complete list of the inventions and photos!Show opens with a lot of crying, reality TV style. It’s epic, lots of long camera shots, this is going to change the world music, clips!…let’s meet the judges (quickly).

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Invention #1: NYC, Bladder Buddy – it’s a plastic suit you wear to pee in. Comes in colors and can be made with leather and rhinestones. It gets a no.

So they’re going with what they know (works?) American Idol, kick off with camera time with the hopes of the audience (us) laugh. Not really a surprise, and a pee joke is easy.

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Invention #2: LA, Guitar Input jack guard / relocation – The jack got moved, that’s it, then they place a few death metal notes. It gets a no. Punk rocker curses. Bleeping is funny(?).

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Invention #3, Walk Buddy, safety wand for protection. It wards off mountain lions and bears. The judges ask if it’s “just a stick”. No product, just drawings. Can have mace, if the perpetrator has ear plugs, since it has ultrasound. It gets a no.

We’re 20 minutes in.

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Invention #4: LA, a sock.

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Invention #5: LA, a arm shades (sleeves).

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Invention #6: LA, a guy raps and shows his sandbag shovel. He sold his house (spent $20k) for the big red tube / shovel to automate sandbag filling. He gets a yes from one judge. You can tell, the music is all dreamy. And then!!! two judges say no, it’s all over. Wait, it’s not – he’s back! I am mentally exhausted, they’re crying, we’re crying. Oh man.

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Back from commercials, meet the judges, Ed Evangelista.

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Invention #7: NYC, A guy in space suit, and here we have the space beetle utopia, it’s a home for beetles. It has lights, a bowling alley is in the works. It gets a no. They’ll be sorry he says.

Interesting, they started off with the “out there” people. Seems like the formula…

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B-roll of “nos”.

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Invention #8: NYC, Bicycle with pedals on the front wheel, lots of kids only have one bike and have to share, so one kid can be on the handlebars, and both can pedal. The kid says, “I like to break things and put them back together” – One no and three yeses. Tension! More crying.

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Invention #9: NYC, Edible snow globes. Used to be a Dolly Pardon impersonator. As close as you can get to a real snow globe, and still eat. Yes all around. The judges say crafts / kits are good.

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Invention #10: NYC, Auto-fashion suit for your car. It’s clothing for your car. No all around.

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Invention #11: NYC, Pop star inventor, a two part dish for putting shells and pits. A two level bowl. They sing a song, they’re in. One judge thinks they’re being hustled.

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Meet Mary Lou, the judge.

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Invention #12: NYC, Sappy music, ut oh! Easy Exercise, suitcase full of exercise gear. Spent over $100k to develop. Interlocking weights, LEGO for exercising. Lots of crying. Sappy music track. Judge cries! It’s yes all around.

That’s 4 in a row. Here comes hour two.

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Invention #13: LA, Banjo music plays, it’s a smoke gun for the food seasoning process. Tosses a smoker in a bag of chips. No all around. More banjo music.

Clips of happy people, getting yeses, but not showing what they showed. Diaper bag and chess on steroids was mentioned.

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Invention #14: LA, 2 years of development, 90 minute DVD that teaches 3-5 year olds right and wrong. Judges say it’s too done, two nos – no go. Sad music, judge fight!

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Meet the judges, Peter Jones.

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Invention #15: NY, Toilet time, lots of toilet jokes. Fresh-end is the last product. Cleaning gel dispenser on top of a toilet paper holder. 2 yes, 2 no. Says the product is good for the judge’s butts.

30 minutes left, lots of ads. We’re back.

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Invention #16: SF, Tizzy tube, when your kid has a tantrum, you cover them with a tube. If you have more than one kid, they can crash in to each other. It’s a nerf coating for your little ones. The judges calls it a kid prison…kids stop moving too. All no. But one judge says he’d put his kid in it.

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Invention #17: SF, Solar powered cooler, can fit in the cover. Solar cells and mini-fridge in one. Judges want it smaller. 3 yeses, he is in.

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Meet the judges, Doug Hall.

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Invention #18: SF, Beddie Pouch, an inside bed organizer. Put anything you want in it. Spent $12k on it. Judge says it exists already. The judge slams all those 1-800 invention shows. Says the steal from people. It’s a no.

We’re back. 15 minutes left. 5 minutes of people in costumes, over and over again. Weeee.

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Invention #19: SF, People in Wizard of Oz costumes show a hook and pull. It cuts branches. 3 yes, he’s in. Tree hugs all around.

Each break they show a clip of a kid, they’re building this up – there must be tears ahead.

We’re back, this is it.

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Invention #20: SF, a kid shows up with a dog air conditioner, the dog can stay in the car. The kid says the show needs a kid. Judges give the kid 2 nos, he’s out – dragging it out…the kid says the judges took away his dream.

Show is over, previews for the next one. More people in costumes. Armor, my therapy buddy, shattered dreams, kidneys being given up, wedding rings sold, lives will be transformed (this is what the voice over says)…Clips of people talking, mostly angry during the credits.

Ok, that’s the write up – which was your favorite, like it, hate it? Post up in the MAKE forums!

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