Automate Your Workshop Dust Collection With An Arduino

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Automate Your Workshop Dust Collection With An Arduino

Zach, from the youtube channel Byte Sized has put together this fantastically clear tutorial on how to make an auto switch for your dust collection using an arduino. The autoswitch basically detects when you turn on your table saw or other large dust creation device, and then flips on your dust collection system for you so you don’t have to walk across your shop and do it yourself.  You can find the whole parts list, code, and even the 3d print files for the case on his web site.

Having the dust collection come on automatically is nice, and there are even commercial products for that, but the cool thing about using an arduino is that you could also do a multitude of other things, such as turn on an external indicator that you’re using the table saw so people won’t walk into your shop and risk distracting/startling you. This tutorial will get you set up enough that you can take it wherever you want.


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