Review: Boxzy Is a 3-in-1 Hybrid Desktop Fabrication Machine

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Review: Boxzy Is a 3-in-1 Hybrid Desktop Fabrication Machine

This machine was reviewed as part of our 2017 Desktop Fabrication Shootout. See more machines in our 3D Printer Guide and non-3D printer reviews here.

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The BoXZY is a 3-in-1 machine that functions as a CNC mill, laser engraver, and 3D printer. This desktop hybrid sports a solid aluminum frame, which encloses its industrial-level ball screws and magnetically coupled build plate. With the quality of these components the BoXZY definitely feels up to making anything you can throw at it.

Proficient Printer

Compared to other big name brands the BoXZY’s 3D printing capabilities hold up well for a machine that does more than just 3D printing. It comes equipped with a 0.4mm nozzle and can handle PLA easily. The BoXZY community even has guides up on how to add a heated bed element for those of you who want to print in ABS or some exotic filament.

Capable CNC and Laser

The BoXZY’s CNC milling capabilities are also on par with some other desktop CNC’s out there. The kit comes with a 1¼-horsepower Makita router with spindle speeds from 10,000rpm to 30,000rpm. Prepping for milling is a breeze with a provided sacrificial board and metal grips, but don’t get too excited: The kit only comes with a ¼ milling bit which doesn’t work well for any intricate or small milling projects. Different milling bits and even adapters for very fine milling are available for purchase.

The laser etching capability can come in handy when you want to add some finishing touches to a project. While the 2W laser is on the weaker side, it still provides enough of a punch to etch onto wood, leather, acrylic, and many other materials. The BoXZY software allows you to use bitmap images, and even an Inkscape plugin to export a custom design as a G-code file.

Versatile Workhorse

Having a jack-of-all-trades in your shop may come in handy when you need it, and if you already have the resources to get a 3D printer in the same price range then why not get a machine that will give you more bang for your buck? The BoXZY still has a lot of room for improvements, but with what I have seen so far I am sure this will be an exciting machine to watch.


Manufacturer: KinetiGear LLC
Price as Tested: $3,599
Build Volume: 165×165×165mm
Bed Style: Non-heated (but you can add a heated bed to it)
Filament Size: 1.75mm
Tool Heads: 3D printing extruder, laser module, CNC milling router
Open Filament? Yes (supports PLA, ABS, and PVA)
Temperature Control? Yes, tool head (230°C max)
Print Untethered? No
Onboard Controls? No (power switch only and an e-stop on power supply)
Host/Slicer Software: Repetier, BoXYZ Interface
OS: Mac, Windows
Firmware: Vendor recommended firmware which they offer on their how-to website
Open Software? Yes (uses GNU General Public License inherited from the Repetier-Firmware)
Open Hardware? No
Maximum Decibels: 71.3

Pro Tips

Don’t remove the rapid swap head collets, this can interfere with machine homing.

3D printing — A glue stick will help your first print layer stick to the bed.

Laser — Include the G-code command to turn off the laser once it’s done engraving or it can stay on and continue burning your part.

CNC — Watch where you attach the provided clamps, they can catch on the machine when the Z-axis moves up.

Why to Buy

One of the biggest attractions the BoXZY has going for it is the fact that it can do more than just 3D printing. With the ability to do laser etching and CNC milling, the BoXZY provides an almost unparalleled flexibility for making.

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