Bristol Board model making

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Bristol Board model making

This episode is about designing an Eco friendly mobile device wireless charging stand. I use some Bristol Board to build a mockup of a wireless charger to view the form and understand the manufacturing feasibility of the part.

The concept is to ultimately build a pulp molded prototype. But before I can get to making a functional pulp molded prototype I need to construct a few mockups to understand how the part will be made and assembled. Follow along from sketch to paper model to watch the progress.

Initially I created a series of thumbnail sketches and then a final sketch with some markers of the product to help me understand the concept. Then I built the first model out of Bristol Board, that helps me understand the scale and functionality of the wireless charging stand. I use an x-acto blade, ruler and some white glue to build the model. The model is quick to build, functional and strong enough to test the concept with.

I am also working to help raise 30 million dollars to remove 30million pounds of plastic from the ocean with TeamSeas, more information at


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