More DiResta-Inspired Key Hacks

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More DiResta-Inspired Key Hacks

One of Jimmy DiResta’s early, viral Make: videos was for his Star Key build. In the video, he fashioned a 3-sided key head to house his three main everyday keys.

This project inspired a number of makers to do their own versions. We covered a few those in a follow-up post. But folks have not stopped there. YouTube is now home to a bunch of key holders, of a variety of designs, inspired by Jimmy’s original star key and some of the follow-up key-hacking videos he’s done.

Here are a few video projects from other makers.

Screw Driver Key

Inspired by Jimmy’s clip key video, Paul Meyette turns a screw driver into a key. I love the way he just heats up the key and presses into the plastic handle.

Brass Hook Key

Also inspired bu the clip key video, Chris Chavers combines a brass hook with a key.

Giaco’s Key Holder

As part of Giaco Whatever and Dave Waelder’s 30 Day Video Challenge, on Day 03, Giaco fashions a key holder, ’cause apparently, like some jumpy barn cat, Jimmy can’t stand the sound of jangling keys.

A Simple Key Ring Design

Russian maker and musician Iogun Trainman gets in on the action with his simple DiResta-inspired key holder.

Diresta-Inspired Key Card

Jimmy’s Key Card video was the inspiration for this version, done by YouTuber Vincent Hendus.


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