DiResta: Steel Sawhorses

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DiResta: Steel Sawhorses
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There’s a debate on YouTube as to what design solution makes the strongest sawhorse. I have made wood sawhorses in the past. The design wasn’t mine, just a popular style I’ve seen over the years. After pondering a project for my new welder, I wanted to make a very strong pair of sawhorses that fold and that are light and mobile. I made this set from metal left over from a previous build, so that’s why you can see screw holes in the metal.

DiResta Steel SawHorses.mp4.00_04_13_01.Still003

The design is a semi common one, with some original methods of fabrication. I would guess this set can handle a very large amount of weight. Way more then I would ever need in my shop. Enjoy!

DiResta Steel SawHorses.mp4.00_08_02_19.Still001

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