6 DIY Swords from Small to Super-Sized

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If one thinks of an ancient weapon, swords have to be at the top of the list. Sure, the bow and arrow is interesting, but it’s hard to beat the creativity and craftsmanship that went to swords of various eras.

Naturally, hobbyists make very interesting replicas of these weapons. Some on this list would probably be useful on an ancient field of battle. Some, like the tiny nail sword, are better used as cute decorations, and at least one is, well, “ginormous.” Read on for more info!

Sword from Nails


On the tiny side, this “sword” is literally made out of nails. As Derek Zoolander might say, “What is this, a sword for ants?” Even if it was three times bigger, it would be quite difficult for humans to use effectively.

Cast Pewter Miniature Sword


Although much larger than the “nail sword,” this cast pewter sword would only be marginally better in battle. On the other hand, it is large enough to grip as a sort of pointy club, so a user wouldn’t be entirely defenseless!

The Gladius


Although still on the smaller side of swords found here, the gladius replica shown in the GIF above is obviously quite useful, at least against large fruit. Unlike the earlier cast or beaten “swords,” this gladius was actually cut and ground into shape. Additionally, it went through an impressive heat-treat process to improve its properties.

Meteorite Sword


If a sword made of meteorite sounds like something out of Final Fantasy to you, keep reading for something even more “epic.” This sword is, however, quite impressive, literally formed with a meteorite and supplemental iron to complete the blade. I didn’t see it finished with a wooden hilt, but the blade itself is pretty “legendary.”

Sword Made from a Leaf Spring


Motor vehicles and swords are somewhat of an anachronism, especially if we’re talking about Viking warriors. If, however, you would like to see a leaf spring forged into a sword, this is the sword for you.

Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword

If you ever saw a giant sword in a video game and wondered if it could actually be built, here’s your answer. Go to 49:30 in the below video if you would like to skip the process and go straight to watching the results of this giant in use. As to whether it is practical for anything other than destroying stumps, that’s still an open question. I’d also like to know why a game with “Final” in its name has so many sequels. Maybe the meaning is lost in translation.

[youtube https://youtu.be/vGkcgGf2Fzw]
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