From The Gift Guide: The Best Tool To Get For A Beginner

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From The Gift Guide: The Best Tool To Get For A Beginner


gg-prettyOk, it isn’t a single tool. It is the best though! If you know someone who has been wanting to get into electronics, you’ve absolutely got to get them the entire kit. This thing comes with everything you need to get started. There are tools for disassembling your items, like screwdrivers, pliers, and a desoldering wick. There is a set of “helping hands” for holding your project while you fix it or assemble it. A soldering iron, some wire, and some solder for putting components in place, and last, but not least, a multimeter for testing everything out.

This thing is like a workshop in a box and it is available in the Maker Shed right now!

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  1. Michael Black says:

    And this is an ad, one where price is not mentioned.
    Start with tools around the house, most have some screwdrivers and whatever.
    Buy a soldering iron, and a DMM, those aren’t likely to be household items. Don’t spend too much, a beginner may not stay with the hobby, and it’s only with experience from using tools that one can evaluate them. You can’t know if the DMM needs exotic functions until you’ve used one for a while. In the old days a beginner would get by with a cheap analog meter, harder to use and easier to damage than a DMM. DMMs can be had for ten dollars, use it and abuse it and learn from it, and then if necessary buy a better one.
    Check the flyers, buy when on sale. There often is a dramatic price difference. Buy as you need. A tap and die set may be on a list of “useful tools”, but you don’t need a set until/if you need to put a thread on something.
    Check garage and rummage sales. No sense buying new when common tools will appear used. I found a replacement soldering gun for five dollars when it was time to replace my forty year old one. New ones have gotten quite expensive. I’ve bought drills, vices, a good soldering station for a few dollars. I don’t even see the common things, since I don’t need them. These sales may be a place to buy cheap electronic equipment too, useful for modifying or repairing or as a source of parts.
    Amateur radio hamfests may be a place to find used tools. If someone is interested in electronics, they may want to attend anyway, for parts and books and magazines.
    Other hobbies probably have similar events, a chance to buy used items related to the hobby, but also other resources related to the hobby. I once went to a model train exposition, and there were magazines and used trains and tools (I almost bought a Dremel tool cheap). If you’re interested in something, you’d want to attend anyway.
    I’ve not found many tools in the garbage, but I did find a good drill once. Though when the university students move out, they tend to leave a lot of common items in the garbage, so common tools might show up there.

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