Full Spectrum Deluxe Hobby Laser Review

Full Spectrum Deluxe Hobby Laser Review

The Full Spectrum Deluxe Hobby Laser is a small entry-level laser cutter with a attractive pricetag (starting at $2,350). This machine is intended for both hobby level projects and small production work and is capable of very intricate designs. The Deluxe model comes with the Retina Engrave USB processor which allows you easily connect and send files to the machine. There are a number of additional options you can purchase such as a beam combiner for combining the red sight laser and the CO2 beam. This allows you to see exactly where the laser will be cutting. There are also different optics you can purchase for fine engraving and cutting through thick material, and now you can also purchase a rotary attachment for engraving or cutting on cylindrical objects.

This laser system is built on a metal frame with a folded sheet metal body which adds to the durability and strength of the machine. The overall design is compartmentalized which allows for easy maintenance and serviceability as well as protection of the components inside. There is a compartment for the laser tube, one for the controller and power supply, and one for the work area.

This system has several pros such as the low cost, ease of use, thanks to the Retina Engrave USB processor which allows you to easily go from design to the final product, and a small form-factor that doesn’t sacrifice the laser’s work area which is 9.5″x14.5″.

There are also some drawbacks to the Deluxe Hobby Laser, such as the computer must remain connected to the laser cutter during operation and nothing should be running in the background since it may cause the laser to damage the print. This wont be an issue for some, if you have a dedicated computer for the laser cutter, but if you’re like me and like to multitask while making parts, such as prepping the next run or making changes to the current design, this is a drawback.

Overall, if you’re looking to get into laser cutting on a hobby or small business scale, the Full Spectrum Deluxe Hobby Laser is a great place to start.

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