Homemaking a Wooden Block and Tackle Pulley System

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Homemaking a Wooden Block and Tackle Pulley System

Maybe it’s just me, but given the perilous state of the world right now, I have found myself increasingly interested in old-school shop craft, survival and homesteading skills, and home food production. In this Small Workshop project, Steve shows us how to make a classic block and tackle pulley system.

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Steve explains his reasons for making the pulley:

Since my shop is so small, I store a lot of the larger tools in my attic. And I’ve grown tired of twisting my back hauling the air compressor or the winter tires up and down the ladder, so I made this pulley system. It multiplies the force four times and most of the components are rated for 1/4 metric ton or more, so it should be good enough for my tools.

blockI love the technique of ganging the stock for the four pulley discs onto a threaded rod, bolting them tightly together, and then turning them on a lathe at the same time.

The Small Workshop is one of my favorite project-making YouTube channels at the moment. Be sure to check out Steve’s other videos. His website is also lovely and well-put-together.

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