Help Wanted: Adam Savage Needs an Assistant

Help Wanted: Adam Savage Needs an Assistant

Buster of myths, MAKE cover man, Maker Faire keynoter, Adam Savage is a busy man! So he needs an assistant for his workshop. It’s not so much of a job offer as a contest, with the winner getting to work with Adam on a special project for a week, gets flown to the Bay Area, and scores some dough as well. Sounds amazing!

To apply, you have to shoot a short video showing off a project you’re working on, to give Adam a sense of the way you work. There are more rules on the submit page. But sorry, people under 21 including my 9-year-old daughter, you must be 21 or older to be eligible. The deadline is September 5th.

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  1. asciimation says:

    Bugger, USA-ians only. My US postal redirecting service won’t help me here!

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