How to Make an Ikea Plate Bird Feeder

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How to Make an Ikea Plate Bird Feeder


I love this how-to on Instructables for making a nice-looking bird feeder out of bamboo plates from Ikea. Instructables member PaulEl explains how he made it, and for just $2.19. It’s perfect for attracting feathered friends to your garden space. And if you need more tips for sprucing up your garden, check out the gardening tag here on Make:.

8 thoughts on “How to Make an Ikea Plate Bird Feeder

  1. Dave says:

    How, when the plates cost $4.99? Each!

    1. Shawn Connally says:

      Huh, I dunno? Maybe he was saying in addition to the plates, which he said he had around the house. Maybe they were a gift? This has me thinking I should check my shelf of not-currently-being-used items and see if there’s anything that might work. A co-worker suggested using a much bigger plastic or wooden plate on top to give the birdies an umbrella of sorts.

    2. says:

      “I only had to buy the bolt”

  2. Spades says:

    I was told that these feeders where the food is placed on the same level as the birds is not healthy for them.
    I prefer silo-style feeders. I built one from an outdoor lantern (probably from ikea too). I used the glass cylinder as the container, built a spacer from wire mesh at the bottom for access and put a lid on top. The birdseed is now safe and dry and can’t be spoilt by feces.

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