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Make: Time & Space: Multitasking workshops

Make: Time & Space: Multitasking workshops

MZ_MakeTime-Space_Badge3Seems like most makers have a couple of areas of interest represented on their workbench, like carpentry and electronics. Make: Online reader AnubisTTP’s workshop is no exception. I love his mini chemistry hutch sandwiched between some really old-looking test gear and parts storage. His shelves stuffed full of obsolete tech are awesome as well. (Anubis, thanks for leaving the comment with your URL!)

What about you, readers? What projects do you undertake in your shop? Do you ever run into problems as a result of combining two theoretically different tasks in one area… sawdust in your multimeter?

8 thoughts on “Make: Time & Space: Multitasking workshops

  1. says:

    Sawdust in my everything. Chemistry probably fits better with electronics than woodworking does. This looks very familiar. Especially that iMac! I must say, I’m glad my vintage test equipment inventory is not so large.

  2. oopsthud says:

    Sawdust is in everything. I do theatrical lighting and I have to blow out the dimmer boxes and clean the lenses.

    I like the Duo and Duo Dock on the shelf.

  3. AnubisTTP says:

    The Duo used to belong to my brother, he received it as a graduation present. About two years later a friend of his managed to break it by dropping a tomahawk (?!) directly onto the screen. I inherited the Duo and replaced the screen with another one from a different busted Duo, then used the guts to build one of those “Lego Mac’s” that were all the rage back then. Here is a picture.

    You will have to forgive the low quality picture… I took it back in 1998, and digital cameras were still Buck Rogers fantasy technology back then. Making a ‘lego mac’ seemed like a good idea at the time but alas, the thing was very fragile and not survive during a move; I ended up putting the Powerbook Duo guts back into their original case.

    1. CafeT says:

      Hi AnubisTTP,

      Just wanted to let you know that I remember you from the Nova days. I think yours was the only TC I really played through. Thanks for that experience.

      Anyway, interesting to see you on this site and doing other things in real life.

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