Maker Spotlight: Chris Clark

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Maker Spotlight: Chris Clark

Name: Chris Clark
City: San Diego, California
Makerspace: Shaper Studios
Day Job: Development of the Shaper brand and Shaper Studios locations

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Surfboards : Entrepreneurship

How’d you get started making? My grandfather was my maker influence from as early as I could remember. He built many of the large buildings in downtown San Diego in the late 50’s. When anyone in the family needed a new home or home addition the family would all rally and build it ourselves with my grandfather at the helm. When I needed a playhouse as a young kid my grandpa built it, we didn’t buy it. When I arrived at college at San Diego State University, I was introduced to surfboard shaping and instantly knew that I would never buy a surfboard ever again.

What type of maker would you classify yourself as? I would be classified as a surfboard builder and designer, but I also have built a company around the art and craft of building surfboards so I guess I’m also a business builder.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve made? My favorite thing I’ve made is the first surfboard I shaped and fiberglassed back in 2005.

What’s something you’d like to make next? I’m working on a masterpiece right now for my 18 month old son, Hobie. It is the biggest surfboard I’ve ever built at 12’2″ and I’m doing everything custom and with my own two hands.

Any advice for people reading this? Your heart should move your hands to create. If your art turns into a business, then you are one of the lucky ones, but never let that be your motivation to create. Also, if you happen to be in the San Diego area, come say hello to us at Maker Faire San Diego on October 1–2. You can get tickets here.

Maker Faire San Diego will take place at Balboa Park, Sat–Sun, October 1 & 2. See you there!
Maker Faire San Diego will take place at Balboa Park, Sat–Sun, October 1 & 2. See you there!

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You can find Chris around the web on
Shaper Studios | Facebook | Instagram

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