March Maker Campus Madness

Craft & Design Digital Fabrication Workshop
March Maker Campus Madness

Join in the Maker Campus March Madness on March 12th by experiencing workshops covering everything from pewter casting to working with Micro: bits.

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Sewing For Cosplay 101 – Intro To Sewing - March 12


Kicking off a monthly series on Sewing for Cosplay, this lesson will give a broad overview of sewing and will talk about the various tools and materials you will use. We’ll also go over 6 of the more commonly used hand stitches. Future sessions will include Intro to Sewing Machines, and Seam Finishes.

Pewter Casting Beskar Ingots - March 12


Looking to hire a smuggler to get you through the Empire’s checkpoint 7? How about wanting to learn a skill that dates back a few thousand years? Well, learning some of the basics of pewter casting might be what you are looking for. We are going to see what steps it takes to go from raw pewter ingot to a finished cast piece. And no better way than casting a few Beskar ingots.

Introduction To FreeCAD - March 12


In this course, we’ll draw household items as we learn the basics of FreeCAD. This means we’ll measure real world components, then work through the process of drawing them precisely in two and three dimensions. The result can be a DXF file ready for laser cutting or an STL file ready for 3D printing.

Create Your Own Roller Coaster Or Marble Run - March 12


In this topsy turvy action packed workshop, learn how to build your own amazing roller coaster or marble run from household supplies. Great for educators, families and anyone who want to create a twisting, turning game that lets you test the properties of physics while having fun.

Together we will explore the science, a variety of materials, how to work with them and then get you started building at least one roller coaster.

Create With Micro:bit - March 12


Join us on this workshop to learn everything you will need to start making any project you can imagine with micro:bit, the most popular microcontroller and education platform for students from 6 to 15 years old.

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