Weekend Watch: Meticulously Machining an Entire Clock from Brass with Clickspring

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Weekend Watch: Meticulously Machining an Entire Clock from Brass with Clickspring

We would find it awfully hard to believe if you said you haven’t heard of Clickspring — and we find it just as equally hard to believe that we’ve never written about this fantastic YouTube channel on Weekend Watch. The great news is, if you haven’t heard of this fantastic channel of metalworking and machining, there’s never been a better time to jump in.

We don’t usually think of the body of work in a maker’s YouTube channel in the traditional broadcasting sense of seasons, but that’s what Chris has perhaps unintentionally created. He has just finished a monumental project, building a working skeleton clock from raw brass stock. In each video a single component is made, or sometimes a tool that eases the creation of the next part. Seeing each part made is a satisfying delight on its own, but every episode is literally building up to something — something magnificent.

These videos aren’t like any machinist project you’ve likely seen before. The videos are brightly lit with a real eye for composition and cinematography. The brass stock becomes all the more sumptuous with each facing cut, and Chris’s narration not only provides a deep insight into the craft of precision metalworking, it’s also pleasant to the ear. I’m no machinist, but I feel like I already have a much greater understanding of it from watching his videos.

With the work on the skeleton clock complete, Chris is already looking into the next project. He’s shared the details with us, and while we’re massively excited, we won’t spoil the surprise here. Thankfully the wait for the announcement won’t be long. Be sure to keep an eye on his channel so you don’t miss out.

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