Weekend Watch: The Joy of Blacksmithing with Alec Steele

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Weekend Watch: The Joy of Blacksmithing with Alec Steele


Visually stunning, educational, and amusing. That is pretty much how I’d sum up Alec Steele’s approach to his blacksmithing youtube channel. Alec puts out roughly a video each day focusing on techniques, projects, and equipment for blacksmithing.  One thing that doesn’t change is his delivery. Alec seems to be eternally in a good mood and somehow running on a never ending supply of energy.

Firstly, he makes really cool stuff to inspire other people. He films it quite beautifully as well.

He also explains how to make the tools you will need, as well as what tools to purchase and why. These bits of knowledge are sprinkled throughout all of his projects as many of the tools are made in the shop.

Even when it comes to simply buying tools, Alec takes the time to really explain what is going on. Thanks to him, not only do I now have a basic understanding of how a power hammer works, I also know how to mount one in my shop, should I ever decide to.

There’s also a weekly live show, which can get pretty silly at times. It is a fun way to break up what is essentially tons of videos about hitting hot metal with different ways of delivering the content.

If you go to Alec’s website, you can learn a bit more about him, find items that he has for sale and even sign up for online courses to learn blacksmithing.


I get ridiculously excited seeing people make things. I just want to revel in the creativity I see in makers. My favorite thing in the world is sharing a maker's story. You can find me on twitter at @calebkraft

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