No-slide, Removable Small Parts Drawers

No-slide, Removable Small Parts Drawers

Jeremy Schmidt, of Jer’s Workshop, found it annoying whenever he had small parts bins organized in a drawer, took a bin out, closed the drawer, and had the remaining bins shift position. His solution was to custom-fabricate a series of small wooden parts bins that always stay put as the drawers open and close.

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To accomplish his storage solution, he took inspiration from Lego bricks. He built a wooden grid in the bottom of the drawer and cut a corresponding set of grooves into the bottom of each box. With this system, the boxes lock into place like Lego bricks attach to each other.

Let’s face it, there are much easier ways of doing this (cutting and gluing up all of those thin strips for the grid and grooving the boxes looks fussy and ultimately overkill). A piece of tool drawer cloth liner would also create a no-slide drawer. But with the work invested, the results that Jeremy achieves are undoubtedly lovely and impressive. And I can imagine that this handmade workbench and parts bin system are a thrill to work with.

While you’re in Jer’s Workshop, make sure you also watch this build video for the impressive concrete cabinet that Jeremy made to house all of the these drawers full of obsessively organized tools, parts, and materials.

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You can learn more about Jeremy’s work, the building of the workbench, and the fabrication of the drawers on Jeremy’s website. He also includes SketchUp plans for both his massive workbench and the no-slide drawers.

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