Sword from Space! Blacksmith Forges Blade from Meteorite

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Sword from Space! Blacksmith Forges Blade from Meteorite
The completed sword and hilt.

Modern blacksmith artisans from ASBL Lucilinburhuc use old world craftsmanship to transform a meteorite into a sword.  The meteorite is heated to form the raw material. Then it must be carbonized to transform the brittle iron and trace metals into hardened steel. For the carbonization process the blacksmith chiseled the meteorite material into 80×40mm pieces and heated them to glow for 6 hours to reach 0.5% carbon. Then more heating and hammering, shaping the metal into a rod that will be used to form the core of the weapon.

Sword without the hilt.

Once the meteoric iron is formed into a rod it is flattened and welded and with two other iron rods to make a pattern welded sword. The rods are heated and hammered to shape and remove impurities and quelched to rapidly cool and further harden the metal. The layering of different metal alloys from the meteorite combine with the earthly iron, making swirling patterns in the steel. These patterns are then highlighted with acid etching and polished to bring forth the natural beauty within the contours of the metal layers. The final product is a historic replica forged from extraterrestrial metal — a sword that’s truly out of this world!

Glowing metal in the forge.

Check out this video to see how it was done!

[youtube https://youtu.be/K_PS2l31EhM]

7 thoughts on “Sword from Space! Blacksmith Forges Blade from Meteorite

  1. Andrew says:

    This guy did the same thing first, better, and goes into how he did it step-by-step. Also, he made it look like a sword from a TV show.

    1. Daisy Azuras says:

      nope. Many people have made swords like this and both of these guys did about a good a job as you can do. My work on such blades hasn’t gone as well. But since you don’t know much about smithing I’ll forgive your comment.

  2. BillStewart2012 says:

    The late Sir Terry Pratchett also did that a couple of years ago.

  3. Swami Drahcir says:

    The hero of the novel, “Seven Dreams of Inanna,” did this in ancient Sumer in 2500 B.C. Kesh was a blacksmith turned prince at the dawn of the Iron Age.

  4. El_Bacon says:

    I believe they did something like this in Eragon as well

  5. DjNiX901 says:

    job well done!! that looks great!!!!

  6. mzungu says:

    I suppose you just need to trust him as you hand him the cash for the blade…

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