6 Bicycles and Accessories for the Cycling Woodworker

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Riding a bike and a love of the outdoors and nature go hand-in-hand. Why not combine the two by actually making your bike out of wood? Although it’s hard to avoid using some rubber and metal in your design, even a wooden accessory or set of frame parts will definitely make people look twice!


Bamboo Bicycle

Bamboo is an excellent material, and, although not actually a tree (it’s considered a grass), this bicycle made out of bamboo is too good not to add to this list. You will need some parts made of other materials to complete your build, but I suppose everything is “natural” if you go back far enough in the manufacturing process.


Wooden Handlebar Grip

If you think this wooden handlebar grip looks uncomfortable, well you’re right. In a pinch, I used a lathe to turn this grip out of a small tree that I had chopped down earlier. Being able to make it felt much better than actually using it, but at least it was more comfortable than no grip at all!


Industrial Design Wooden Bicycle

Here’s a wooden bike that resembles an Erector Set creation more than your local forest. Like the bamboo bike, some parts are metallic or plastic, but the frame and fork are quite “woody.”


Coconut Drink Holder

Although not exactly wood, coconuts come from trees and look quite fibrous on the outside. If you have them available where you reside, why not turn one into a bike drink or phone holder? Or you can just buy one on Etsy.


Bent and Stained Plywood Frame

This bent-plywood framed ride is based around a $20 donor bike with a few metal accents/braces. It turned out much prettier than the original. There is still a substantial amount of metal/hydrocarbon in this rig, but the combination is visually quite pleasing.


Kids Balance Bike

Finally, why should the adults have all the fun? This wooden “balance bike” was made for a 20-month-old, and looks quite sturdy. As you might suspect, the author’s young son was a little apprehensive about balancing on two wheels, so it was later modified into a three-wheeler!

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  1. David Sluder says:

    Don’t forget about Collin Graver and his plywood bike!

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