6 Ways to Bring an X-Wing Home Today

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X-Wings, as the good guys’ favored fighter craft in Star Wars, can be important pieces of Rebel propaganda. Here are six build ideas that range from quite small to big enough to fit an adult inside. Declare your dedication to the Alliance by displaying your own!

X-Wing in Yard

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If you want to show your neighborhood (and possibly your HOA) that you’re a true Star Wars rebel, putting a life-sized X-Wing fighter in your front yard should do the trick. Christian Ackerman explains how he made his in the video above!

X-Wing Christmas Ornament


If you’re a fan of Star Wars, but would like a more subtle DIY-decoration than a “yard-wing,” this ornament is for you. Using a variety of materials, including a cheap LED light source, this little X-Wing is sure to impress!

[via Instructables]

X-Wing Bunk Bed


As this imgur set describes it, “And now I have one of these in my house.” This bed features a bed as the bottom bunk, and an X-Wing as the top. I’m not sure how easy it would be to sleep in the cockpit, but considering how long it must have taken Luke to get to Degobah, X-Wing naps seem very much in keeping with the movies.

[via: CNET]

X-Wing Soapbox Derby

x-wing soapbox

As builder “Papier Boy” puts it, “I wanted to design a car that people would like and made me feel heroic.” After a collision and broken brake pad, it didn’t win the competition, but it certainly must have been a crowd favorite!

[via Instructables]

X-Wing Rocker


For very young Star Wars fans, this beautifully made X-Wing rocker should be lots of fun. One really cool feature is the removable R2 droid, with its distinct blue dome highlights.

[via: CNET]

X-Wing Quadcopter

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You may have seen Olivier’s work before with other Star Wars-themed multicopters. Naturally, the video of his excellent foam-body T-70 X-Wing belongs on this list! As seen in the video, it seems to fly pretty well despite the added weight of the X-Wing body.


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