Make a Collapsible Archery Bow from Old Skis

Make a Collapsible Archery Bow from Old Skis


Now that the end of winter is in sight, you might be wondering what to do with your skis that were going to be retired after this season. Or maybe you would just rather have a bow than skis. Either way, this technique will show you how to turn your skis into a bow. Cross-country skis were originally used, but the results from using downhill skis are much better power-wise due to their higher rigidity.

This style of bow is called a “takedown bow,” not because it can “take down” wild game, but because it can be collapsed for storage, then reassembled in the field. The heart of this type of bow is called the “riser,” which is what you grip and holds the bendable ski sections in place. In this bow’s case, the riser is made by gluing several pieces of wood together, then cutting it into shape, but a solid piece could also be used if a suitable piece is available. The results look quite good using laminated wood, especially after being sanded and finished with polyurethane.

As seen in the gallery, the skiis have to be cut to size, then a notch must be cut to hold the string. If you’re on the fence about building one of these, why not check out the video below? Alternatively, if skis aren’t available, you could instead make one out of a skateboard.

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