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Crazy Cat Home Improvements


What does one do who loves cats? You can always become a “crazy cat person” that has 20 or so felines running around the house. On the other hand, if you have a serious amount of skill and dedication to home-improvement projects, you can modify your house to accommodate their climbing needs with a series of platforms, miniature stairs, and holes to climb through.

Greg Krueger is decidedly in the second category. He seems to have a manageable number of cats, and given how well he was able to “catize” his house, the felines living there seem to live like royalty. Living in Minnesota, it must be especially nice for them not to have to go outdoors to find an interesting place to climb.


In the video below, Greg says “I almost don’t wanna finish what I’m doing,” a sentiment that many people who make things as a hobby can relate to. I suppose most of us would also realize that you never actually finish something like this; it just gets to a good “temporary” stopping point.

If you’re looking for something for your cats to play in without permanently modifying your house, why not build a minuature AT-ST walker for him? Sure, you won’t get credit for being quite as dedicated, but if you live with other humans, they may have a greater tolerance for the project.

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