Creating Beautiful Clipboards From Ambrosia Maple

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Creating Beautiful Clipboards From Ambrosia Maple
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Ok, yes, a clipboard is a mundane and possibly boring item. However, Caleb Harris shows us that they can, in fact, be beautiful too.

Starting from lumber, Caleb shows us how he steps through the process of creating these beautiful pieces. It involves quite a bit of forethought and planning to get the result he’s after. He messes up a bit when he glues up some pieces and takes the time to teach a lesson on thinking ahead in regards to your grain. These are the kinds of skills that you just have to accumulate from practice because, despite him explaining it, I’m pretty sure I’ll make that mistake a time or two before I learn.

It is fun to watch this go from one giant hunk of wood down to a pile of beautiful pieces. I surely wouldn’t mind taking boring notes on this beautiful clipboard.

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