An Engraved Wooden Risk Game Table

An Engraved Wooden Risk Game Table


Furniture is necessary, but can be kind of boring. Why not add a playable board game surface to it?

Corrado Cera was inspired by a Monopoly board drawn on a table that he saw while browsing the internet, and decided to build “the most dangerous game for social relations, friendships, or any other personal connection….Risk.” As someone who’s played several times against people quite a bit better than myself, I can confirm it can be quite frustrating.

Cera first tried to draw a map of the world by hand, but found that this wasn’t working well, and instead printed the continents on paper to be traced. He then chipped away at it with hand carving tools until he had the shapes that you see in the gallery below. According to him, this was hard work, especially on the relatively cheap wood that his table is made from. He would probably go with something powered, such as a Dremel tool or wood burner, if he attempted this project again.

Once everything was cut to shape, he then colored them using a decoupaging process, where a colored piece of material is laid over the shape to be decorated. Paint, according to him, might have been better, but the results after applying multiple coats of clear acrylic look quite good!

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Lets hope Cera doesn’t lose any friends over this game!

[via Reddit]

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