Maker Spotlight: Laura Kampf

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Maker Spotlight: Laura Kampf

Name: Laura Kampf
Home: Cologne, Germany
Makerspace: Her workshop
Day Job: Maker and content creator


Woodworking : Metalworking : Lighting : Video Production

You might already know German maker Laura Kampf from her up-and-coming Youtube channel, where she posts a new video project every week featuring everything from a turbo raft to a backlit screenprinting design to a coffee table doghouse.

“I started making videos about my process, because that is where my ambition is,” Laura says. “Being on YouTube gives me the opportunity to make different things every week and have a broad audience for my creations.” And her videos are pretty entertaining to watch — with a background in video production, Laura keeps her footage focused and engaging with thoughtful camera angles and upbeat background tunes.

She also features regular vlogs that give her the opportunity to share non-project content, like her recommendations of her favorite records. Below is a vlog posted earlier this year, where she explains her journey from student to full-time maker, and the interesting jobs she worked along the way.

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“Since I am interested in almost everything that has to do with using your hands and making stuff, I always had a hard time to focus on one profession,” she says. Now though, Laura doesn’t have to focus on any one thing — she just makes beautiful things and makes beautiful videos about making beautiful things (and vinyl records, and sometimes her dog makes an appearance, too).

We can’t wait to see what you build next, Laura!

You can find Laura online at:
Youtube  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

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