Manly Leg Lamp Puts a Twist on the Classic Christmas Story Light

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Manly Leg Lamp Puts a Twist on the Classic Christmas Story Light

A Christmas Story has cemented itself as a classic holiday film through the 34 years since it premiered. It’s funny and weird and represents a not-so-exaggerated look at the quirks of real families framed by the mania that erupts every December. But you know that already, since everyone’s seen the movie.

One of its most memorable scenes is when the father unboxes a lamp in the shape of a woman’s high-heel-and-fishnet-adorned leg, and excitedly puts it in the front window of the house to the embarrassment of the family. Over the years, homages to this lamp have been offered for sale (you can find countless versions online), but now maker Paul Jackman has put a fun twist on the concept and made his own — modeled on his very own workboot-laden leg.

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The build process is meticulously detailed on his site, showing his process of taking measurements, transferring them to glued-up boards, carving, sculpting, and comparing, and ultimately displaying his new lamp in the front window of his own house.

It’s a great take on the gaudy original, although I don’t know that it’d be any less embarrassing for the rest of the family.

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