Simple Technique to Create Gorgeous Copper Wire Inlay

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Simple Technique to Create Gorgeous Copper Wire Inlay
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Wire inlay is a very old decorative craft that has been around for centuries. People have been using wire inlay ornaments to decorate their weapons, fine furniture, jewelry boxes, and more. In this video I inlay a simple celtic knot pattern into a piece of cherry wood.

You don’t need a lot of tools to get started, just copper wire, a small chisel (I made it out of a flat-head screwdriver), a hammer, some superglue, sandpaper, and a piece of wood. The end result looks beautiful.

Note: I’m using a rolling mill to flatten the wire, but you can make a flat wire by hammering it on an anvil or flat slab of concrete.


6 thoughts on “Simple Technique to Create Gorgeous Copper Wire Inlay

  1. Scott Tuttle says:

    coat of poly to keep the wire from turning green?

  2. likama20 says:

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  3. Chase Williams says:

    Wow. I could never do that. There’s no way I could sand that fast.

  4. Chase Williams says:

    Is that just super glue?

  5. Pickedmoor Jon says:

    You can buy square or half round soft brass wire from jewelry supplies on e bay

  6. Jakob says:

    Is there and chance you could pass me the picture you used as a template?
    Thanks in advance

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