Weekend Watch: Woodworking Around The World

Woodworking Workshop
Weekend Watch: Woodworking Around The World

Woodworking has existed since long before the concept of “do it yourself” ever became a term. Creating things out of wood was one of the earliest forms of making that humans ever explored. The International Wood Culture Society shows us how incredibly diverse the concept of woodworking can be. They explore how wood is used in different cultures and different geographical locations with these informative and fascinating videos.

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find on their channel

A profile of Sam Maloof, explaining his life as a woodworker and showing off some of his incredibly nice work.

The revival of traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Beautiful footage showing how traditional tools and methods are experiencing a new popularity in china as a younger generation looks for high quality crafts.

Learn how Dutch windmills worked as a tool for the wood industry as well as how they themselves were constructed and maintained.

Take a peek into the studio of a craftsman who makes a specific kind of mask called a Mamuthones Mask for a traditional Spanish celebration.

Wood culture isn’t just about what can be made from wood. In this video we look at the cedars of Lebanon, how they are considered holy, and how they’re preserved.



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