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Red and White Doll Quilt


Whipup posted this little red and white doll quilt as an editorial pick for the whiplash showcase. I have been...

Impressive Reconstructed Fashion


Craftster Joodito recently posted pics of her amazing reconstructed shirts and jackets. She uses salvaged materials and experiments to make...

Missing Husband Pillow


Artist Helena Keeffe created the first Missing Husband Pillow to combat a growing problem among couples… fellowships. Her husband Joe...

Evil Rock Quilts


Quiltsrÿche turns traditional quilting on its ear with modern heirloom quilts that look like they were made by your metal-loving,...

Tutorial: Easy Ruffled Skirt


Fabric designer Tanya Whelan just put up this easy child’s ruffled skirt tutorial. The skirts in the picture above are...

Dalek Halloween Pumpkin


Another Dr. Who reference, but this time I got my facts straight before I posted. Evil Mad Scientist has posted...

Heat Sensitive Wallpaper


Designer Shi Yuan experiments with heat sensitive wallpaper. The design changes based on temperature like the blooming flowers near the...

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