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We Make Money Not Art posted this photo on Flickr of Christopher Brach’s inflatable guts, “Second Nature.” It is always...

Wood Fabric


Bring the woods into your home with this great wood-patterned fabric. Of course fabric this cool comes from Japan. [via]...

Knitted Heroes and Villains


Carol Meldrum’s new book, Knitted Icons, includes patterns for knitted versions of famous people from Che Guevara to Elvis Presley....

Creative Thursday Calendar


Creative Thursday put up pictures of her 2008 calendar. She puts each of the 35 limited edition calendars together by...

Knitted Eyeballs with Pattern


Mary Jane, Midge and Mink have created knitted eyeballs and posted the free pattern online. It might be too late...

Bloody French Necklace


A day late for Halloween, but this polymer necklace is still a pretty neat project. French artist Delphine Roche de...

Fence Posts Obscure Cords


Picket Fence is a clever way to hide cords and cables in your home. This idea is a great inspiration...

Bat Wings Tutorial


My Halloween crush on Evil Mad Scientist continues with this post on how to make (more) anatomically correct bat wings...

Frida Kahlo in the House


Elsita has posted another great project. She made this Frida Kahlo dollhouse for her daughter so that she would learn...

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