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DIY panoramic tripod mount


In response to my previous post on creating panoramic photos in Linux, reader Tim pointed us to this DIY camera...

Alpha radiation visualizer


Using a standard webcam and some Americium 241 from a fire detector, Jared Bouck created a PC interface for visualizing...

Panoramic photos in Linux


If you plan your panoramic shot sequences just a bit, there are some great Open Source tools that will help...

HOWTO – make an MP3 decoder


It’s funny how you can use a technology countless times and the knowledge of how it works can still rank...

Lenticular image tool

Lenticular image tool


In response to yesterday’s post about creating lenticular images by splicing two photos together, MAKE reader Benedikt Seidl sent us...

Lenticular image from two photos

Lenticular image from two photos


Lenticular imagery, the types of photos which change depending on the viewing angle, are really common in children’s books and...

GPSd under OS X


GPSd is a TCP daemon that displays location data that’s been polled from a connected GPS device. The are a...

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