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Clean a toilet with Coke

Clean a toilet with Coke


I’m not sure what’s more disgusting, that a toilet can get as nasty as the one pictured, or that you...

Take a 6-month exposure photo


Pocket-Sized sent in a link to this article about the photography of Justin Quinnell. Using a pinhole camera made from...

Wikipedia over DNS


David Leadbeater created a service that distributes Wikipedia entries over DNS using TXT records. Simply looking up a TXT record...

Minty soldering jig


Bob Hickman, Minty Amp maker, sent us a howto on making a jig for small form factor soldering projects. I...

Selecting row number in MySQL


Michael Yakobi sent us this clever use of MySQL’s user defined variable syntax to return row numbers in a result...

iPhone 3G software unlock


The friendly iPhone Dev Team hackers have been hard at work over the holidays and have promised to release the...

Python on Android


If you have the Google Phone and prefer hacking Python over Java, this is just what you’ve been waiting for:...

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