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Elegoo Uno R3


Have you been reading these board reviews, meaning to get started, but never got around to it? Want to get...

DFRobot Romeo V2


DFRobot’s Romeo is the heart of a robot on a single board. Many the starter robotics project has been launched...

OpenMV Cam H7


OpenMV aims to make machine vision as easy as Arduino made microcontrollers. They supply a small camera and microcontroller with...

Adafruit PyPortal


The Adafruit PyPortal makes it simple to take a touchscreen and connect it to the Internet. You can use it...

SparkFun RedBoard Artemis


There’s no one thing about the RedBoard Artemis that jumps out as its killer feature. It’s the whole package. New...

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


The original Raspberry Pi can take more credit than any other for getting cheap single board computers into the hands...

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