MakeShift Challenge: Rescue a Hawk: Most Creative

MakeShift 24: Most Creative: Colleen Johnson, age 12
by Lee D. Zlotoff
Volume 24, 2010

(1) coat bandana in duct tape x2
(2) make a long chain of bungee cords and connect using duct tape
(3) pick up bird using bandana
(4) put bird in a backpack, set aside
(5) cut up tents
(6) tie strips to your legs
(7) duct tape tent spikes to feet
(8) braid 3 longest pieces of the tent together and cover in duct tape
(9) tie the braid around the the tree and back to your waist
(10) put the other bandana into a backpack along with a long chain of bungee cords (11) open each knife to the longest blade
(12) grasp 1 knife in each hand
(13) reach up as high as you can and insert first knife as high as it will go
(14) do the same with the other knife
(15) pull yourself up and insert the tent spikes as you climb
(16) pull the duct tape braid up (This is to prevent you from falling)
(17) Repeat steps 13, 14, 15, and 16 until you are at the nest
(18) pick up a bird using bandana and put it in the backpack
(19) hook the bungee cord rope to the backpack and lower to the ground
(20) repeat steps 18 and 19 until all of the birds are on the ground
(21) climb down
(22) take birds to the wildlife center

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