Simple Rocket Fuel

This simple rocket fuel uses potassium nitrate as an oxidizer to allow sugar to burn rapidly. The product of combustion expands energetically, and this makes it an effective fuel for model rockets. After your fuel is made, it can be ignited by coming in contact with any flame. Read more »

Bento-Style Dinner

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  • 12/18/2012 @ 10:57 pm

Ever want to make your own custom bento box at home? Learn how to impress your friends with a hearty Japanese meal that can be prepared in under an hour. Ton Katsu curry is a fried Japanese pork cutlet covered in a rich spicy curry. All materials can be found... Read more »

Moss Graffiti

The possibility of growing moss graffiti occurred to me during one of those dull days at work when your thoughts wander. A quick internet search showed me that I wasn’t the first person to ask the question “How does moss grow?” In fact, many genius gardeners had even come up... Read more »

Action Movie Effects

The perfect action scene needs combat, gore, and at least one actor going through a window. Here’s how I shot a scene with all these ingredients, from making the special effects to shooting and editing the footage. Read more »

Kryptonite Candy

Using just a few ingredients, I’ll teach you how to make Kryptonite candy that glows under UV light. [youtube] This project is originally by BrittLiv on Instructables. Read more »

Instant Ice Cream with a Dry Ice Bath

Making ice cream with cryogens stronger than water ice is a fairly common chemistry demonstration stunt. The ideal way to do it is with liquid nitrogen, which is poured directly into the ice cream mixture, with stirring, and causes it to set up in about 10 minutes. Liquid nitrogen, however,... Read more »

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