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Adafruit NeoTrellis M4

By Sam Brown / May 2, 2019

Adafruit NeoTrellis M4

Adafruit’s NeoTrellis has a nifty microcontroller at its heart, but you’re going to get one because of what it’s powering: A reprogrammable light-up keypad. Running through Adafruit’s always-excellent tutorials will get you to load up a drum machine, or put sound effects at your fingertips, one per button.

The NeoTrellis has a headset jack, microphone input included. Aside from that, connecting external devices isn’t really what this controller is about: There’s just a couple pins accessible to the outside world. If you want to attach a load of sensors and actuators, Adafruit has no shortage of other boards better suited to the task.

This one is a pre-built IO & Audio device that lets you use those microcontroller smarts to take over how it performs. You have a field of 24 glowing buttons to work with. Each button can change color as you see fit. Outputting sound in response to button presses is the obvious use.

I hope we’ll see more devices like the NeoTrellis kit: Ones that give the user a head start on the hardware side of their creation.

NeoTrellis M4 Kit Adafruit
Price:$60 (full kit) or $40 (board only)
Software:CircuitPython or Arduino
Clock Speed:120MHz
Main Processor:32-bit ATSAMD51 Cortex M4
Memory:8MB flash, 192KB RAM
I/O Pins (Digital):0
I/O Pins (Analog):2ADC (Alternately usable as UART or I2C)
Input Voltage:5V
Battery Charging:No
Operating Voltage:3.3V


Why To Buy

You’re comfortable programming microcontrollers, and want to use that knowledge to make an IO/Audio device. You want to dive into the coding, not spend your time making the hardware.

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