The VoCore2 is a teeny tiny single board computer with a kick. It’s a perfect low cost alternative to the Raspberry Pi, just with a bit less power. This open source Linux computer is functional as a portable wireless router that’s smaller than a coin.

This board is great for private cloud storing, airplay music streaming, IoT, or even a VPN gateway as well as much more. Plug in a microphone and execute voice commands similar to those on your phone or home IoT devices, attach a webcam through USB and you instantly have a home security system.

The board runs Linux with the OpenWrt operating system. OpenWrt works as a distributor of embedded devices providing writable filesystems with package management. Developers can access the hardware for circuit diagrams, source codes and bootloader to fully customize the device. You can further enhance functions with C, Java, Python, Ruby JavaScript, and more.

Whether you’re building small connected devices or looking to surf the web, this bitty computer is a perfect addition to your projects.