Use a simple circuit and paper crafts to make your own burglar alarm! Here’s how.

Project Steps

Solder a length of wire to a strip of copper.

Make two parts like this.

Solder one of the wires to a 9V battery pack.

Solder a beeper to the other copper strip.

Then connect the other side of the beeper to the battery pack.

Tape one of the strips of copper to an A4 sheet of cardstock. Tape the other copper strip to another card of the same size.

Make sure that the two strips of copper are positioned so that they touch each other when the cards are placed back to back.

Join the cards with double-sided tape. Use two layers of thick tape to hold the cards far enough apart so that the two copper strips don’t touch each other until the cards are pressed together.

Stick the other sheet of A4 black card on top.

Now place it where you want your alarm to sound and wait for someone to walk on it!