Everyone is clamoring about the newest, cutest Star Wars droid and how to build him. I wanted to build my own BB-8 droid but without robotics or magnets. I also wanted him to be edible. And delicious. (And vegan.)

Thus, I give you the easiest BB-8 build on the internet! This is a fun project to make for your next Star Wars party, or simply because you’re a droid-loving baker who likes to see your favorite characters come to life via tasty mediums.

All of the ingredients included in this recipe are vegan. If you don’t eat eggs or dairy, follow along with my modifications. Even if you’re not vegan, it’s fun to experiment with substitutions like bananas instead of eggs; the batch turned out with a sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor and a moist, fluffy texture as a result of the bananas and coconut milk. Otherwise, feel free to make this any way you want. Toss some eggs in there. I don’t care, I promise.

I wanted to make these little guys the quickest and easiest way that I possibly could, so I bought boxed cake mix and pre-made frosting (if you’re trying to do this the vegan way, make sure you check ingredients on any pre-made supplies you buy!). Obviously, you can make your edible BB-8 army totally from scratch if you so desire. If you’d like to see a more in-depth tutorial on how to make cupcake batter or frosting or anything else from scratch, let me know in the comments.

These being BB-8 cupcakes v.1, I did troubleshooting as I went to the best of my ability. As discussed in the steps below, I would probably modify certain things for the next batch. If you find an easier way, or if your batch turns out prettier than mine did (which wouldn’t be too difficult), I’d love to see it.

Happy baking!