This guide will break down how to make this top into such easy steps that a monkey could do it.

Project Steps

First, you’ll need one of these small electric motors.

You can purchase one here, but they’re pretty common so check your junk box first.

Use a small screwdriver or pair of pliers to move these tabs and remove the plastic endcap.

Remove the armature from the casing.

You can discard the endcap and metal shell, but you may want to save the magnets inside of it for future use.

Snip at the copper wire with wire cutters and unravel it from the armature.

Remove any spacers or the excess materials from the armature.

Rotate the first and last metal pieces to keep the others from moving.

This also makes it look cooler.

To spin the top place shaft between your pointer finger and thumb and move them in opposite directions.

Enjoy your new and very cool toy!