Making this incredible extending wooden robotic arm couldn’t be easier. It only takes about an hour, doesn’t cost much, and is fantastically fun to operate.

Simply take your wooden paint stirrers and drill 3 holes in them. Fasten them together with a bolt and nut, making sure to get a washer in between the sticks. This washer helps keep the wooden sticks from binding together and makes the robot arm much easier to use. When you’ve attached them all as shown in the diagram, add some nice soft sponges to the end to help grip things and you’ve got a brand new wooden robotic arm!

Pulling the sticks together will extend your robot arm, while pushing them apart will bring it back to you!


Click here to download the full sized version of the comic which includes all the details to build this fun project.

*Howtoon has been updated since its original publication to make up for some issues encountered when the project was being reproduced.