It can be frustrating to have to take off your gloves to use your touch-screen phone. Capacitive touch screens sense how conductive your fingers are, and gloves are, well, insulators.

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Project Steps

For this project, you’ll need a needle and some conductive thread.

To make a pathway for the electricity to travel, sew a small spot of conductive thread to the fingertip of the glove.

Be sure to leave a long tail of thread inside the finger of the glove to make good contact with your skin.

Make many stitches with the thread to build up a conductive surface.

To cut the thread, first leave a long tail inside the finger of the glove. Then repeat the process on the glove’s thumb.

The hardest part about this project is doing everything left-handed.

When I paid attention to the way I use my phone, I found that the best place for the thumb pad was actually along the side of my thumb.

Try your gloves out on your touch-screen devices and enjoy!

If your gloves don’t work right away, try adding more conductive thread fringe on the insides of your gloves’ fingers.