What do you get when you mix blueberry preserves with edible glitter?

That’s right, space jam!


We came across this galaxy slime, and it occurred to me that if you could find edible glitter, you could do kind of the same thing with purple jelly.


A quick search and I found Disco Dust, which, while billed as “edible” online, only says NON-TOXIC on the label. At $6 it is rather expensive, and comes in a small 5g container.


I chose blueberry preserves because I figured they’d give a good purple, cosmic-colored base without being too dark to see the glitter, and I thought that preserves would mix better than jelly. Plus, the blueberries themselves look kind of like heavenly bodies.


And it worked pretty well. For a tablespoon or two of jam, it only took two shakes of glitter, or about 10% of the jar, but you can experiment to see what density of glitter you think looks best. One jar of glitter mixed with approximately one jar of preserves.


And yes, I ate it. Glitter is typically made of glass or plastic, but Disco Dust is actually digestible starch. Or else my insides will be covered in sparkly flecks for all time.

To make it more interesting (and more spacey) use a star- or planet-shaped cookie cutter to make custom-shaped toast.