Foosball (Table Football) games are a lot of fun, but they’re usually found at bars or clubs. That shouldn’t stop a true maker from enjoying foosball at home.

With just a few simple components, you can quickly put together your own Sneaky Mini Foosball Game.

Want a pocket-sized version? Check out Cy Tymony’s Micro Foosball Game!


This project originally appeared in Make: Volume 28.


Project Steps

Prepare the cardboard.

Open and flatten the popcorn box. Cut off the front of the box, but don’t trash it – it’ll be used to make sneaky game paddles.

Fold the cardboard back into a box shape and tape the ends together. Be sure to cut holes at each end for the game ball to exit.

Prepare paddle guides and paddles.

Affix 8 paper clips onto the sides of the box, 4 per side, evenly spaced. These will act as paddle guides.

Using the cardboard front you saved earlier, cut 6 paddles approximately ¾” wide by 2″ long, oval at one end and square at the other.

Attach paddles and straws.

For the “players,” tape 2 paddles near the center of 2 straws as shown. For the “goalies,” tape 1 paddle each at the center of 2 straws. Slip the straws into the paper clip holders with the goalies at each end, and you’re done! (You can also slide the straws through the guides first and then attach the paddles – either way works.)

Place the candy ball on the game board area and start the action!