Sew some pants pocket reflectors to gain visibility for night cycling. They tuck into the pockets for storage and then flip out easily and quickly for riding.

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Project Steps

Gather tools and materials.

Create a paper or cardboard template that fits inside your pants’ back pocket.

Add 3″ at the top for the fold-over flap.

Cut around your template through two layers of fabric with its right sides together.

Stitch around most of the edges, leaving the short flat “top” open.

Invert and press.

Fold over the top of the flap and stitch across both layers twice.

Run a zigzag stitch over the raw edge to prevent fraying.

Draw your design on the back of the reflective vinyl and cut out the shapes.

Affix the adhesive-backed vinyl to the fabric flap.

Tuck the short part of the flap into your back pocket.

Secure the flap to the body of the jeans from within the pocket with two safety pins.

Wear outside at night while you ride your bike!