For a long time I’ve been under the impression that ranch dressing was a magical concoction that I’d never be able to make myself. Oh, how I was wrong! Not only is it possible, but it’s easy!

Project Steps

Gather your ingredients and tools.

Using your food processor if you have one or a knife if you don’t, dice the onion and garlic (I used a shallot since I *gasp* ran out of garlic).

Dice (don’t food-process) the dill and celery.

Combine all ingredients in your bowl and whisk up the concoction.

Don’t forget to taste it, and adjust your seasonings accordingly.

For full effect, let your dressing sit in the fridge for an hour before serving. This lets the flavors combine.

It’s great on salads and as a dip for veggies and chicken wings. I’ve been experimenting with adding less and less mayo, which yields a lighter flavor.